The Big Beyond

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The Big Beyond

Some of life’s greatest adventures are the journeys we take inside ourselves. For the artist, Thierry B, meditation connects him to his inner being. He’s devoted to the practice, which brings power and refreshment.

This internal universe becomes tangible in the Soul series, through the physicality of the artist’s abstract landscape.

Loose brushstrokes suggest a fleeting moment. The artist’s gestures communicate joy, strength and freedom.

The Soul Series has a distinctive painterly identity. It combines a sense of groundedness with the mystery of the unknown.

Thierry B is a generous soul who enjoys his art being interpreted by the viewer. So, look into the distance and choose your own adventure.

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Meet the artist
Thierry B

Thierry B

Thierry B is an internationally acclaimed Australian abstract expressionist artist known for his fabulous French charm. But when he arrived from France in 1990, he could not have dreamt of what lay ahead.

Thierry B was hand-picked from a Michelin star restaurant to be maître d’ at the iconic Mietta’s, then the heart of Melbourne’s fashionable arts and dining scene.

Thierry’s warm spirit made every diner feel like a movie star.

But while he generously served others, he struggled to adapt. He was homesick for the romance and beauty of his previous life.

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Hi Thierry – this is the quickest makeover ever. Thought I was in the wrong apartment. Looks brilliant. Love your work. Many thanks for your time today. Very much appreciated

Julie & Michael, Southbank , Australia

Wow, what an experience and what a tremendous outcome – the paintings look amazing, we are thrilled!

Brent, Armadale , Australia

Thierry – how amazing – I love your work- you’ve transformed the spaces to perfection! My client is delighted – thank you!

Jane Catania, Interior Designer, Melbourne , Australia.