Thierry B

Thierry B

Thierry B is an internationally acclaimed Australian abstract expressionist artist known for his fabulous French charm. But when he arrived from France in 1990, he could not have dreamt of what lay ahead.

Thierry B was hand-picked from a Michelin star restaurant to be maître d’ at the iconic Mietta’s, then the heart of Melbourne’s fashionable arts and dining scene.

Thierry’s warm spirit made every diner feel like a movie star.

But while he generously served others, he struggled to adapt. He was homesick for the romance and beauty of his previous life.

The drab walls of Thierry’s empty rented apartment inspired him to create, first collages then abstract expressionist paintings.

Thierry was driven by instinct: “I didn’t know I had that creative well inside me, but then I started doing my own thing to put on the wall, even while I was sleeping on the floor. I didn’t care, I had nothing, and I needed something nice around me.”

His regular restaurant customers, who he had served for years, supported Thierry when he began to exhibit his work.

As his paintings were snapped up, Thierry wondered if his ideas would run out.

Meditation gave him a method for opening his mind, he says, “It was a way for me to explore the world beyond what we can see.”

He began a practice of painting on black canvasses, as a way of starting with symbolic nothingness. The act of beginning with nothing and bringing joy, harmony, and possibility, remains at the heart of Thierry’s process today. Each lyrical painting is a dialogue with reality.

Today, thirty years after he arrived in Melbourne, Thierry B continues to paint. He’s grown to be an abstract expressionist with an international reputation, with collectors spread across the globe

In art and in person, Thierry transmits positive energy that lifts up those it touches. Thierry’s warmth and joie de vivre ensure his reputation as an Australian artist for today and the future.

He’s delighted to offer this new collection, so you can add a touch of luxury to your surroundings, “with pleasure, darling.”